Purpose Statement

WPCrafter is commited to helping as many people as possible, to better understand WordPress, to empower them to create a brighter future for themselves, their family, and their community. This is accomplished with freely accessable video education and detailed guidance to help people choose the right tools and then know how to use them to the fullest. 

How do you earn money?

With over 300 in-depth video tutorials that are offered for free, this question comes up frequently because every organization needs to earn money in order to keep going. 

youtube preroll ads

All the videos on YouTube may have an advertisement that YouTube plays in the begining of the video. They are skippable after 5 seconds. YouTube facilitates all of it, I have no control over any of it. 

premium training courses

WPCrafter offers a variety of premium paid training courses. These are more in-depth video series on various topics and products. I do give them away more then I sell them, which I am happy to do.

referal programs

Many products and services have referal programs where, if you make a purchase, a portion of that is given to WPCrafter. It costs you nothing as you may know, I give a free paid course to say thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transparency is important to me, so here is the mostly behind the scenes info that I think you should be aware of.

Most of my video topics are community driven. Currently I am working on a way to make this even more transparent with an official community voting system. 

No they don’t!

Let me explain my process for reviews. When I decide on a product or service to review, I start testing it. Now if I see something broken, that I think is a problem, I may reach out to the developer in advance to let them know and give them an opportunity to fix it prior to my review. If they choose to not take it seriously or explain why it is that way, I tend to make a big deal out of it in my review.

This recently happened where a product had a really poor mobile editing experience, I reach out, they didn’t resolve it, I made a review and made a big point of it. Then the developer was very cordial and made the improvements.

No I don’t. 

For products that I don’t own and are expensive, I may contact them and ask for a review copy or review account. All products that I have received that way are listed on this page, however they have not been in exchange for anything. Also I make it a point to not use the products after receiving them. They are purely for testing and fully disclosed on this page, what I received, and what I did with it after the review.

No! Never has any company ever paid me. There are “influencers” that do take consulting fees in exchange for talking up products, wearing their swag, etc. However I have never initiated an arrangement like that. I prefer my independence and only want to use what I think is the better products and services.

The only times I have left a mostly negative review for a product is when I am more interested in protecting you. Making a negative review puts a big target on my back, its not a way to make friends, but I believe it is part of being real and authentic.

The developers that have embraced that produce better products and show themselves to be customer focused and worthy of spending your money with. 

I mean really, how can you trust anyone that only has good things to say about everything. Thats not real life, reality, authentic, or genuine. 

Absolutely not! However there are some where I would like to be a stakeholder in, but I have never initiated any arrangement like that. I have freely given ideas and advice to product owners as a way to help them, but I have never received money in exchange.

No! I have never accepted money for a review despite being offered money many times. I feel strongly that a paid review usually is not a review, but a paid promotion, something that I am against. There are 2 issues that I see.
First people will perceive the review as being biased.
Second, I don’t want to have any feelings of obligation to a product or service owner.

Never! If you look at the history of my reviews, there are many occasions where I have strongly favored a product where there is no referral fee and urged against a product that does offer referral fees.

Also there are many instances where there is a free plugins and a paid upgrade, where I will recommend not buying the paid version when I don’t think it is needed.

My main focus with reviews is to tell it like it is, and look after you! Even if this means you not buying something I think you don’t really need.

No I don’t!

Yes I have quite a bit of AppSumo product reviews, but I don’t have any advanced notice from them about any products coming and I don’t have any relationship with the product owners themselves. 

I purchase all the AppSumo products that I find interesting, with my own money.

There are times I hear rumors on Facebook that a product is coming to AppSumo, but other then hearing a rumor, I find out when the deal goes live. 

With some I am internet friends. That means we may communicate via Facebook messenger on matters or exchange emails.

In full disclosure I have met in person with Robby & Justin from Beaver Builder, and Thomas from LifterLMS at the 2017 OC WordCamp. In October 2017 I met Sujay from Brainstorm Force when he had a 1 day layover in Los Angeles (I am the worlds worst tour guide).

Products I have received for free

It’s important to me that you know what I have been given and exactly how I used it.

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