Month: September 2014

Utopia or Bust


In a perfect world, there would be no war, no hunger, no hate, and I would have eight hours a day to write without losing my house and becoming a regular at the local soup kitchen. While dystopias are all the rage right now on e-readers and the big screen alike, the flip side is far from forgotten.

The concept of a utopian society has been around for millennia, long before Sir Thomas More coined the term in his book Utopia back in 1516. (more…)

Reality Check

R or M

School is now in full swing for most kids in the U.S. and mine are no different.  My youngest is now in first grade, a “Big Kid,” which got me reminiscing about his kindergarten days.  One of the first lessons his patience-of-a-saint teacher taught him involved telling the difference between fantasy and reality.

He now proudly knows dinosaurs are real, while dragons aren’t.  He may make up a story about driving down the highway on his very own motorcycle, but he knows he’s stuck with the kid-powered version for the next decade or two.  More importantly, he can read an age-appropriate book and tell when the author is playing fast and loose with reality.  Silly author, kids can’t have a T-Rex for a best friend.  So why is it that people continue to think grown women are not capable of understanding this lesson? (more…)

The TSTL Heroine Who Lived

death-savety_6486You know the type.  Naive, small town girl suffering from big-fish-small-pond syndrome. Thinks she can take on the world.  As soon as she hits the quad, the wolves scent her underlying fear.  Our heroine merely puts on more perfume, thinking herself clever, and heads out into her strange new world. “Stupid,” you mutter to your Kindle, and swipe to the next page… (more…)


Elle McKay writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance with feisty heroines and dark heroes.  Not the kind of guy your mother warned you about and your father bought a shotgun for.  Not the guy on the CIA’s Most Wanted List.

These are the men only the Vatican and the crazy lady down the street fear.  Always trust the crazy lady.