Once there lived a girl whose parents rais769ed her on Disney movies, old musicals, and a healthy dose of Catholic dogma.  Her separation of fantasy vs. reality was a dashed line at best.  Which led to an embarrassingly long belief in Santa and expectations of love higher than Rapunzel’s tower.

Elle McKay’s upbringing may not have done her early dating life any favors, but it did wonders for her imagination.  But feminists didn’t sacrifice their bras so a girl science wiz could do art! After a thorough education, grueling field work in sweltering jungles, and many years of chaining her pen to a government desk, her artsy side demanded freedom.

Elle is an aHead Shot- Editedspiring writer who lives in Virginia with two aspiring demons and a husband who puts up with her lack of realism… usually.  When she isn’t writing or separating her kids, she works as a Environmental Planner saving the real world.  In her few minutes of free time, she enjoys gardening, hiking and curling up with her Kindle.  While Elle’s reading tastes are pretty eclectic, she’s been most inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien, Anne Rice, Diana Gabaldon and Karen Marie Moning.


  1. Good job Elle! I’m working on a website and blog as well and I’m glad to see this. Gives me hope!! I am a member of VRW as I joined when I lived there. I moved to Nevada about a year and a half ago to be with my ailing sister and I really miss Va., especially Williamsburg where I lived for many years. I’ll be checking this out again!! Jinny


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