Kiss of Life and Death

When fifth year working college student Lark Jefferson’s new boyfriend gets handsy and steals a kiss, she’s left with a body to dispose of and a string of lies to bury. Bound to happen after twenty-two years of living on a monk’s diet of ambient human emotion, with only her family and their secrets for close company. Trouble is if she’s arrested, Immigration will deport her family to the Shenandoah Valley’s nearest sink hole, where dangerous Igneans belong. Or as the human haters call her species–mutants, demons and succubi.

Soon, Karma comes back to bite Lark in her curvy behind. Her older brother is framed for the murder of the local D.A. and her brother’s intimidatingly sexy partner Detective Will Grayson convinces Lark to use her powers of persuasion to solve the case. But will she learn to control her power before her lies catch up with her?

After leaving D.C. to not only help on his family farm, but distance himself from his cheating ex, Will only does horny sluts and one-night stands. He’ll never be good enough for a sweet innocent like Lark or his hometown. Still, he’d do anything to save her brother, including use his ex to get to her father’s connections. When Lark learns he’s dating the daughter of the Senator sponsoring barbaric immigration reform, he only pushes her away from danger and himself, until they both get caught up in the Senator’s deal with the Ignean dictator still ruling the nation in the caverns beneath America’s feet. To save the case and the woman he truly loves, Detective Grayson must find the self-respect to stop the real monsters from dragging the United States down to their level.

Seducing Death


A millennia after the Great Collapse, the world is peacefully united under one religion, one language, and one government to protect the status quo. Off the record, twenty-year old demigod Cressida Vitalis is now tasked with humanity’s protection. Cressida always dreamed of being ordained Courage, leader of the Virtues, partially for the challenge of protecting mankind from vice, but mostly to escape her abbey’s suffocating walls. She never envisioned the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse becoming more than ancient prophesy, and sure as Hades didn’t envision homesickness. When pestilence hits the United Nations of Earth, her new life begins to unravel, threatening the sisters she left behind. To find the cure, the priestess must use her book-learned powers of seduction to divert Death from his mission, meanwhile denying her attraction to the off-limits head of her Elite Guard…unless she is the one being seduced.

SEDUCING DEATH is a new adult urban fantasy set in a dystopian 3020 United States. 

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